Additional Services


Additional Services

Do you need an interpreting service?

Do you need an English, Chinese, Russian or Italian interpreter? Or another language? Our interpreters can help you all over the world. Letstext interpreters go through a rigorous selection process and are some of the best in the sector. Not only are they excellent interpreters, they also have specific knowledge of the sector they are interpreting in. And each interpreter works solely in his/her mother tongue.

Interpreting for the business world

The entire world is in contact. Consumers and suppliers the world over meet up. To get to know each other better and do business more efficiently, an interpreting service is often a must. And another must is a translation agency when you have to handle globalisation and conduct business at an international level. That is why Letstext has been the chosen intermediary for several international companies for over 10 years now. We help you make communication easier. And do so offering you interpreting services, and others for the different commercial sectors.

Consecutive for immigrants

Immigration has been at the centre of world news for several years now. Millions of people leave their country of origin every year. Language is often the first obstacle met by immigrants when they settle in a new Country. They don’t speak the language of their host Country. Lawyers and legal collaborators have the same problem as they cannot communicate with immigrants. Interpreting is the right solution. Letstext also offers the solution for sworn translations.

Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting

If you are looking for an interpreter to translate as you speak, what you need is a simultaneous interpreter. Letstext offers this service for meetings, conferences and other events involving foreign speakers. Using simultaneous translation you save time. The interpreter sits in a separate cabin and translates the speaker’s words listening through headphones. The message is conveyed to the public through a microphone. An excellent solution for foreign speakers.

Our simultaneous interpreters have considerable general knowledge and can intervene fast.

But perhaps you need consecutive interpreting? In this case you save money on equipment. But this service requires more time. A consecutive interpreter has to prepare for the speech or presentation and does not translate simultaneously. But consecutive interpreting can be the best solution in several situations. The interpreter knows about the discussion and the subject. He/she can provide help for situations in loco or by phone. You can also use a consecutive interpreter for statements and other legal situations. You decide whether to use a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter based on your wishes and the situation. But do let Letstext advise you.

So, are you looking for a simultaneous conference interpreter? Or for another interpreter service? Ask for an estimate and let the Letstext experts help you. Please contact us here for any questions

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